AMI Procedures

 Dear North Daviess Families,

Due to the fact that we have missed several days this year due to snow, we have decided to exercise our AMI option for the next bad weather events (or other reason for not having face-to-face instruction).  We are allowed to use AMI in place of a regular school day on up to 36 hours of school.  Up to this point, we have utilized traditional snow days, however, if we use that option many more times, we run the risk of having to make up those days at the end of the year.  

For High School students, this means that each of your teachers will post an assignment on their Google Classroom.  The student will then log on and complete the assignment.  By logging in and completing the assignment, we will be able to prove you attended the class, therefore allowing the district to count you as present on your attendance.  If a student fails to complete the assignment, not only will they be missing points for incomplete work, they will also be counted as absent for that period. Students will have the option of when to sign onto the google classroom. It does not have to be at the exact time they would normally have the class.

For Elementary students, if circumstances allow, teachers will send home packets relative to how many assignments would be covered on a regular day of school.  If those packets are completed, again, the student will be able to be credited with the attendance for the day.  If the packet is not completed upon return to a regular school day, the student will need to be counted absent. 

For all grade levels, teachers will be available online from 8:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. on AMI days to assist students.  Classes do not need to meet through video conferences unless the teacher is requiring it as a part of their class.  Students are welcome to contact their teachers through email and may set up virtual video conferences as needed if necessary. 


Thank you for your understanding and patience,




Daniel Street,

Superintendent, North Daviess R-III